It is recommended that people walk about 10,000 steps per day for general health. Anything below 5,000 steps per day is considered sedentary. Americans average 5,117! TIME TO GET MOVING!

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Jordan Essentials or JE has changed my life. Before I was an ‘I can’t,’ now, I say I can.

It may be hard at times, but it is what you do when times get hard. Keep that mind set I can and you will.

I love to be able to help people and when I was in pain JE was there. Massage magnesium lotion into sore muscles and it takes the edge off the pain.

What is your reason? If you have a reason JE may be right for you. Reach out and discover if JE is a right fit.

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March 19 until March 22

What: Vendor Event

Where: Facebook

When: March 19 at 10:00 AM eastern to March 22 at 8:00 PM eastern


See some of the new Direct Sales out there, and some older ones. Jordan Essentials will be there. Showing off some of your old favorites and some of your new favorites.


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I had a Roomba

What I am about to tell you is not business related. But I had a Roomba. I named her Sally, Sally Sucker to be exact. She was brought into my life December of 2019.

For about a month I loved her. When she would clean, I would clean. She prompted me to get up and check her path. Except one day, I slept in.

Let me backup a bit. On December 27, 2019 my granddaughter was born. We being the loving, parents we are, offered to take their dog for a couple of weeks. We already have two dogs, so a third to visit was nothing.

Anyway, all was going smooth on the babysitting part except he loved pillows. But that is a different story. All was well until…

I really could have named this don’t give the dog roast and carrots, but that was a long name. But there are certain dogs you should not give roast and carrots to. The dog we were sitting was one of them. I should have known that he did not have dog size bowel movements. He is a bigger dog. He will bark if he has to go outside though. Not this time.

Wouldn’t you know this was the first morning that I didn’t get up for Sally? My phone got an alert, ‘Sally is stuck.’ It was no hurry to get out of bed. It was Christmas break still and the dogs were not up yet. So it seemed.

Eventually, I got out of bed to check on Sally. She was stuck on a cord. I rubbed my eyes and looked closer. She ran through poop. She had it in her case, wheels, brushes, she had it everywhere.

The first order of business was to get the dogs out of the house, so I let them out. Put Sally in the sink and I went through the task of cleaning up the poop.

I cleaned up the poop on the floor. It really seemed like dinosaur poop rather than dog poop there was so much of it. Anyway, I cleaned it up and sanitized.

Now for Sally. I pulled up a site on how to clean dog poop out of a Roomba, so I started there. I took pieces apart that it told me. Impatient me, I took apart pieces that it didn’t tell me.

I knew she was totally dead when I accidentally took the motor off. So in conclusion, I probably should have just taken her to the vacuum hospital. I once had a Roomba.

Wendy Adams is a former substitute teacher. There are other words she could have used, but she wants it read by many people even children.


Want a laugh today

Ok, so in the winter we have a problem with mice. The oldest says that they are wrestling in his ceiling. My kids are 22 and 16. They tower over me.

So anyways, I am watching these fools try to set traps and scream whenever one goes off. I don’t know how they are going to get the mice off when they catch them. They even jump when the dogs bark.

I am serious the oldest came running to my bedroom in the middle of the night because he heard the Ice Maker fire shots.

Don’t let me talk about the fact that neither one of these big boys will bait their own hook let alone take a fish off the hook once they catch it.

And I am to believe that they are going to take a mouse off the trap once they have caught it. I don’t think so.


Sweets for my sweetie


Ordering with Wendy

There are different ways to order. You can place the order with me and I would need your information and your debit/credit card number.

You can go to my direct site and pick from the store.

We can work something out with Facebook pay.

Don’t let not knowing how to order, prevent you from ordering. You are worth it, your skin is worth safe ingredients. Talk to me today and we can get you the method that fits you.


Good morning Jordies!!!!

Good morning!!! I am going to start highlighting a product or products of the week with this post. I am going to start where I started my Jordie Adventure.

Magnesium Lotion. My why is that my hip was sore. I had just been diagnosed with arthritis and my hip hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed. I had been in contact with fellow Jordie, Kim Thompson. She suggested that I rub the Magnesium Lotion on there. I did and within the second use we had a new Jordie.

The scenario is that there are over 55% of Americans that are magnesium deficient, are you?


The Best Smell in the Whole World

With the Ataxia comes the fact that I have not been able to smell anything for years. As a substitute teacher and a mother of three boys and a girl that can be both a blessing and a curse.

I’m sure Jordan Essentials did not cure my sense of smell, but since I have started to do these mailings. I am able to smell the lotion and other pleasant smells.

I am trying out the 24 Karat Collagen Under Eye Gel Pack, ‘slug,’ that came with this months JoyfulJordan Box. They smell awesome and they feel great!!!!