For the Pets

The Pet System is divided up and into shampoo and spritz. There is a deal if you want both. This is designed to leave your dog with the best shine it could ask for.

Pet Spritz #5002 $14 for 8 oz.

Made using a very small ingredient list to shine coats and leave a refreshing fragrance without any funky unnecessary additives. A few quick sprays will leave your pet smelling their best.

Dog Shampoo #1101 $18 for 16 oz

Oatmeal and Aloe calms irritated skin using the cooling effects of Aloe Vera and Oatmeal. Formulated specifically with the pH balance to a dog’s skin, this shampoo will sooth skin while moisturizing their coat to leave a soft shine.

Pet System #1101-5002 $25.60

Combine and save! Pet Spritz and the Dog Shampoo perfectly bundled.

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