Face care

The face, exposed skin hit hardest by the elements. The face is enjoyed most by other humans. Shouldn’t it make sense to care for it and care for it without adding more pollutants to it. It is already exposed and Bombarded with so much.

At Jordan Essentials, we have just the right products for your face for every type of skin.

Defy, rewind, and firm. Crows feet laugh lines fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip beauty is important. The lips are exposed to the sun, wind, cigarette smoke or vape smoke (if you smoke), and other oral habits. The lips are looked at if you are talking. Shouldn’t they be healthy.
My favorite mask is the Detoxifying Clay Mask. It is so light I don’t even realize it is on. I follow it up with a Red Wine Moisturizer and I feel at least 10 years younger..

In conclusion, we have the face care for every skin type. Generally a couple dabs will do ya. Don’t go to the big box store and add more pollutants to your face. Shop at a place known for its non toxic products.