March-In Like a Lion. Let Us ROAR!

Here at Jordan Essentials, we want it to be Spring already. We have some products to help you get ready for Spring or that reminds you of Spring.

First, the Joyful Jordan Box is jammed packed full of goodness to make you think of Spring. The March JJ Box is designed with hydration in mind.

The Coconut Leave in Conditioner-moisturize and hydrate your hair without weighing it down.

The Coconut Lime Lotion Bar-This bar comes out of retirement, it seals while it moisturizes.

The Coconut Lime Tone & Firm-it is a hug for your skin. Contains Grapefruit, caffeine, Green Tea, and Lemon oil’s all in one moisturizing lotion.

Next, the customer special. We offer a customer special every month. To get the March customer special you need to spend $50 and the special this month is $5. This month the customer special will help you get your feet Spring and Summer ready. It is coming sandal and flip flop season, fix your feet just in time.

The customer special is a Peppermint Pumice lotion for your feet. It contains Peppermint Essential Oil, Walnut shells to break down hard skin that forms at the heels, and Pumice to exfoliate off dead skin leaving behind a refreshing and soft foot.

Third, our host special. For hosts who has a party of $500 or more it is free. For host with qualifying parties of $499 or less it’s $8.

The host special is anti-aging gel packs. It helps with crows feet and my wrinkles.The whole special also comes with a detoxifying facemask which detoxify the skin and takes out the pollutants from the skin.

Finally, start your JE life today with Jordan Essentials . your kit is $99 and you get a lot a full-size samples and miniature samples to hand out to your guests and future customers. Your kit includes catalogs and sales tools a personal website free for three months in a comprehensive training program with new consultant bonuses to get you off to a great start!

All of these benefits and more is available to you. Drop me a comment or visit me at has been your March update.