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At Jordan Essentials our belief is that everyone deserves healthy skin—and joyful, healthy lives. When you say YES to Jordan Essentials products, you are saying YES to ingredients like magnesium, essential oils like lavender, purifiers like charcoal and rich moisturizers like shea butter. And just as importantly, you will be saying NO to aluminum, parabens, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, gluten and phthalates that are found in many, if not most, bath, body and skin care products today.

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Core 4 includes your choice of unscented or peppermint magnesium lotion, a magnesium stick, lotion bar, plus Skin Relief to soothe and care for even the driest skin. Not only is this bundle a significant savings, but it makes you an instant qualifier for this month’s guest special! (More on that later!)

Remember to comment “Interested” to add this set to your wishlist!

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The flu and sickness are real. Help stop them germs with a little resistance.

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The detoxifying face mask is one of the products that we have that is a hug for your face! Show your face some love!

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Our Magnesium Lotion is one of our top-selling products each month.
Did you know 55% of America’s are deficient in magnesium? How many of you or someone you love suffers from occasional leg cramps, muscle spasms like eye twitches, or achy, sore muscles?
Our topical magnesium lotion comes both with and without peppermint essential oil and is made with healthy ingredients like aloe, sunflower oil and jojoba oil along with magnesium.
These ingredients have been shown to help relieve those minor aches and pains, and support the body’s need for magnesium.

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Good Morning. Joining my VIP Group is easy follow the link and answer a few short questions and be in a group that gets all the information fist!

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One way to get JE products in your home is to become a host. We pamper our qualifying hosts with free products, ½ price items, a monthly special and more! I would love to share healthy, nontoxic products with your friends and family too and help you earn your favorite products for FREE.

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, our hosts receive a ½ price item for EVERY party booked from theirs! When two or more friends book, The Party will be eligible to receive Book 2 VIP $50 Host Shopping Spree! And you’ll be eligible for this when you get 2 bookings from YOUR party!

We can do an online party like this one…I can answer any questions. When you select your date before _March 22nd closes the party, the party will receive credit for your booking..

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The Core 4 System

Your core is your balance system. The Core 4 system is just that the beginning magnesium and skin care system that balances each other. In a system to balance each other, each piece has a job to do.

We will start with the Magnesium lotion of the Core 4.

Magnesium lotion– 55% of Americans are Magnesium defficient meaning that they lack magnesium in their bodies. Having low magnesium determines several factors on body systems like eye spasms to muscle pain.

Magnesium Stick-Like the full lotion, the stick is a portable way to apply magnesium right to sore muscles or to help you with that headache at work. Convenience is the key when using the magnesium stick. You can keep it in your desk at work, your purse, or your pants pocket.

Skin Relief-Fortified with Green Tea, Shea Butter, Aloe, Seaweed and Chamomile this lotion moisturizes dry skin, relieves sunburn, anti-inflammatory, helps build collagen and smooths skin.

Lotion bar-The lotion bar is the item that started it all. There are several uses to the lotion bar. The big use is to seal in moisture. See the flier below to see the some of the other uses to the lotion bar. This is a great finish to a core and an awesome addition to the Core 4.


A Little Read

Hi my name is Wendy, I am glad to have you here. I am married, and have 4 kids. I have a rare disability called ataxia. I am currently a substitute teacher and a Jordan Essential Consultant.

My ataxia stems from my cerebellum, the word for it is cerebellar hypoplasia. Meaning not only is my disease hereditary from my mother and my grandmother, but I was born with it. Currently there is no cure for it nor any other type of ataxia.

What that means to me. Ataxia is a hard disease to live with. I fall over air it seems. I choke on my saliva, it is difficult to talk and to walk. I get brain fog when I am communicating and it comes out like a stutter or jibberish. It takes a while to type and write as my hands hurt and do not want to cooperate with each other. Lovely side effects.

I should be thankful, at least for the most part, I can get around unassisted. I am thankful there are so many of my fellow ataxians who are bedridden because of this disease.

What it does not mean to me. Ataxia can be hereditary, but is not contagious. You are not going to get it from me if we are friends. I walk funny and slur my words, but I am not drunk. Don’t assume I am drunk. I drink water and Shirley Temples when I go out. Just because I have this disease does not mean that I don’t want to work. I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching and sell Jordan Essentials on the side, but I have to take time off due to appointments, pain, and exhaustion so rather than be a full time teacher I substitute.

In conclusion, having a disease is not the end of the world, but know that it is difficult. We need you and we can be helpful to you too. Be patient with people. Remember, the person you assume is weird could just have a disability.


Wordless Wednesday


March-In Like a Lion. Let Us ROAR!

Here at Jordan Essentials, we want it to be Spring already. We have some products to help you get ready for Spring or that reminds you of Spring.

First, the Joyful Jordan Box is jammed packed full of goodness to make you think of Spring. The March JJ Box is designed with hydration in mind.

The Coconut Leave in Conditioner-moisturize and hydrate your hair without weighing it down.

The Coconut Lime Lotion Bar-This bar comes out of retirement, it seals while it moisturizes.

The Coconut Lime Tone & Firm-it is a hug for your skin. Contains Grapefruit, caffeine, Green Tea, and Lemon oil’s all in one moisturizing lotion.

Next, the customer special. We offer a customer special every month. To get the March customer special you need to spend $50 and the special this month is $5. This month the customer special will help you get your feet Spring and Summer ready. It is coming sandal and flip flop season, fix your feet just in time.

The customer special is a Peppermint Pumice lotion for your feet. It contains Peppermint Essential Oil, Walnut shells to break down hard skin that forms at the heels, and Pumice to exfoliate off dead skin leaving behind a refreshing and soft foot.

Third, our host special. For hosts who has a party of $500 or more it is free. For host with qualifying parties of $499 or less it’s $8.

The host special is anti-aging gel packs. It helps with crows feet and my wrinkles.The whole special also comes with a detoxifying facemask which detoxify the skin and takes out the pollutants from the skin.

Finally, start your JE life today with Jordan Essentials . your kit is $99 and you get a lot a full-size samples and miniature samples to hand out to your guests and future customers. Your kit includes catalogs and sales tools a personal website free for three months in a comprehensive training program with new consultant bonuses to get you off to a great start!

All of these benefits and more is available to you. Drop me a comment or visit me at has been your March update.


Last day leap day

Today is the last day of the month, and it happens to be leap day. What is the leap day? It is an extra day in February in which females can ask males to marry them! Well the tradition of asking males to marry them on this day has been out dated, females can still celebrate.

At Jordan essentials February is full of deals take our Promise shower gel on sale today for 20% off. The scent of Promise is the smell of the freesia flower and clementines. Spring is the way I describe Promise.

We also have the resistant spray on sale for customers that spend $50 or more the spray is five dollars.where if you join for $40

Also in February we have a joint special for $40. For the low price of only $40 you get a mini hand spa, magnesium lotion, and a $120. It can be used for products and sales tools.

And finally are joyful Jordan box with essential oil’s and unscented shower gel and Shea butter for you to add the oils to.

To order or join go to

Promise Shower gel
Resistance Spray
Join Special
Joyful Jordan Box

Wordless Wednesday


Order UP

“Hi my name is Wendy, I am your Jordan Essentials consultant.” This is how I begin each customer’s email.”Is there anything I can help you find?” I continue and conclude each email.

Most of the time I get answers like “maybe later” if I get any response at all. But, there are times I get answers like “yes you can help me find…” At those times I get so excited. The excitement stems from helping people.

You see, in my other job, I am a substitute teacher and I aim not only to help students, but help my customers. So helping people comes naturally to me. If you have aches and pains you might be one of the 55% of Americans that are magnesium deficient. I might recommend a magnesium fortified lotion.

Twenty-six seconds after you try said lotion the pain and cramping start to disappear.

What your puppy smells? I would recommend the Pet System with the Dog Shampoo and the Pet Spritz. Safe for your pets.

If you would like me to help you either join my VIP group at or my order link at


Goodbye to Yesterday

Today isn’t given

Tomorrow often flies

Yesterday is calling,

Saying it’s goodbyes.

I sink in soft sorrow

For tomorrow and today

But yesterday is over,

In the past, gone for good

It’s time to move; forever it is gone

Goodbye to yesterday.


Face care

The face, exposed skin hit hardest by the elements. The face is enjoyed most by other humans. Shouldn’t it make sense to care for it and care for it without adding more pollutants to it. It is already exposed and Bombarded with so much.

At Jordan Essentials, we have just the right products for your face for every type of skin.

Defy, rewind, and firm. Crows feet laugh lines fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip beauty is important. The lips are exposed to the sun, wind, cigarette smoke or vape smoke (if you smoke), and other oral habits. The lips are looked at if you are talking. Shouldn’t they be healthy.
My favorite mask is the Detoxifying Clay Mask. It is so light I don’t even realize it is on. I follow it up with a Red Wine Moisturizer and I feel at least 10 years younger..

In conclusion, we have the face care for every skin type. Generally a couple dabs will do ya. Don’t go to the big box store and add more pollutants to your face. Shop at a place known for its non toxic products.