Promise- Spring Diffuser

We learned from a previous blog that the new scent is called Promise. Promise is the scent of clementines and freesia flowers. The Spring Diffuser is a reed diffuser made up of that scent.

The Spring Diffuser #32040 for 30

Bring this wickless wonder into any room to enjoy the fragrance and beauty of Promise. Simple reeds made of wood, allow the fragrance to diffuse into the air.. Flip the reeds as needed and enjoy months of freshness in any room.

Stay tuned for more new products!!


It is only natural to trade the old scent of the Fall and Winter, for the new scent of the Spring and Summer. I present the new scent, Promise. Promise is a mix of clementines and the scent of the freesia flowers.

Fresh , vibrant, and happy fragrances that embody spring and summer. The scent of freesia and clementines are sure to brighten the day.

Look for Promise #48 where you see the bee.

Look for products with the Promise scent in it coming soon!