I am Magnesium Momma

Hello everyone I am your Momma, your Magnesium Momma with Jordan Essentials. I am a child of God, a wife going on 16 years and a mother of four.
At Jordan Essentials we have our catalog divided into four areas. Our bath & body collection includes our magnesium lotion and our magnesium Dead Sea Salts. A lot of these products are fortified with healing magnesium.
Out second section is our essential oils. The healing properties of essential oils in this glorious section.
Our third section is our Face care section which contain products for acne and anti aging.
Our fourth and final section is our makeup section including our mineral makeup.
I have included a catalog for you to brows the wonderful world that is Jordan Essentials.


Magnificent Magnesium

There are several Americans that suffer without even knowing it. There are 55% of Americans with a Magnesium deficiency that just suffer through it everyday. Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that, without it, causes such things as headaches, eye twitches, and all over body aches!

My name is Wendy Adams M.Ed I am your friendly neighborhood Jordan Essentials consultant.

I want to talk to you about Magnesium Lotion. We, at Jordan Essentials, have two kinds of Magnesium Lotion; peppermint and if you prefer no scent, unscented.

Today, I want to list for you five ways Magnesium Lotion can help.

  1. sleep- since magnesium occurs naturally, it is a good and natural sleep solution.
  2. anxiety
  3. muscle cramps
  4. because it goes on the skin, it is not digested, so it does not go through the digestive system.
  5. because it is a lotion, healthy skin is promoted.

There are many more reasons to tame magnesium lotion. If you want to know what other uses for magnesium lotion, look it up, it is interesting,

In conclusion, there are several symptoms associated with Magnesium deficiency. Don’t be part of the 55% of the population that has a Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium lotion can help. If you are interested in ordering Magnesium Lotion or one of our other fantastic products (some of which are fortified with magnesium also) my link is:



Two days ago…
I posted on our fabulous June join specials. They are $29 for our social selling business and kit and $79 for or regular business ad kit.
we spoke about our Joyful Jordan Box for only $25 and our customer special for only $5 more when you spend $50.
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So yesterday…
I posted about our join special. $29 gets the social selling kit and $79 for the regular kit.
I will talk to you about the June Joyful Jordan box. Attached is the flyer that depicts everything that you will get in your box.
Why do you need a box? Because it is our hair and nails box.
Get your orders in for your boxes today. Buy 2 or more boxes and take advantage of the Customer special for only$5 extra. Our customers special for the month of June is the Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Lotion Bar.
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Joyful Jordan
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Sunburning not Tanning

I made a huge mistake. I laid out in a sun for about six hours. Why did I do it? It is a little childish, I did it to keep my chair .

I got sunburned, very badly. My legs burnt, my arms burnt, my chest burnt, my face burnt, and even my lips burnt.

I tried everything. I tried things that stung. I tried things that were supposed to work, but stung. Ultimately, I tried Skin Relief by Jordan Essentials.

No longer did my burn hurt, but it was safe enough for my burn on my lips too.

If, you want to try Skin Relief on your burns either sunburn or regular burns follow this link.



Last month is over. Last month was like a lion all the way through. This month flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. Though, we can not forget that we are suppose to be on lockdown until we can get a handle on this virus.

Being home does not mean that you can not get away. We just have to be a little creative when we do. Thirty years ago you more than likely wouldn’t be reading this blog, but the internet has brought you to me.

With Easter around the corner and going out bans we have to get creative to show one another we care. At Jordan Essentials until April 12th we have on sale the lotion bar in the scent of orange and lavender.

Hosts for parties are still needed. We can’t party at someone’s house but we can party on the internet. Again, it is about being creative. We at Jordan Essentials curb the internet on creative partying.

In April as a thank you our gift is a face mask and sleep spray. It is free for Parties $500 or more. A qualifying party of $200 to $499 means that you can buy the special at a special price of $11.

Customers we are not forgetting you. In the month of April we have our customer special, The Promise Body lotion. Promise is the scent of when you combine the freesia flower with clementines. It smells devine.

The customer special comes when you order $50 worth of products before tax and shipping. After that the customer special is only $5 plus tax and shipping.

For one more month the box of happy has been continued. What is the happy box? It is a box to show your loved ones someone is thinking about them. Maybe they are a senior citizen you can’t visit. Maybe they are a senior in high school who needs a little love. Maybe they are doctors, nurses, or any front line personnel in this virus fight. They need a little happiness after the day they had. Purchase a little box of happiness today for someone who needs it!

Lastly the Joyful Jordan Box for the month of April. Exfoliation is the key of this box. Don’t miss this box. It comes with the exfoliating mitt and lemon exfoliant and our lemon Shea Butter to buff the skin.

I am dark complected and sometimes you can not tell because my skin is so dry and flakey. I am ordering mine today!!! Don’t miss out on this baby.

In conclusion, there are plenty of creative ways to stay active in this time. If you don’t have to go out, don’t go out. Stay in and shop with your favorite vendor, Jordan Essentials.


Sunless Tanner

A lot of you need sunless tanner and it shows.

Jordan Essentials carries sunless tanner that won’t turn your skin orange. Here’s how to do it.
1. Salt Scrub my whole body
2. Shave my legs
3. Wash with body wash
4. Dry completely
5. Apply sunless tanner
6. Wash your hands

The legs are that of a co Jordan Essential Consultant. I do not pretend that they are my legs.


Resistance by Jordan Essentials

It is said that the essential oils used in Resistance came from a recipe from long ago. There was this plague that was killing people. The robbers in the town seemed immune to the plague. One day the king of the town caught the robbers. The king said “Dude, I’ll let you live if you give me the secret your immunity of this plague killing my people.” The robbers shares their recipe for their immunity. It is now called Resistance.

This blend of oils contains no substances that are harmful to the body. You can use it on people 2 and older.


March is On

Send a little box of happiness to someone who needs to know they are loved. Shut ins, the medical field, or truck drivers all are in need of a little sunshine ☀️. Buy a box today!!!

To go in baskets. We can’t forget about the kids. They don’t fully understand.

Now hiring!
Looking for new reps and you will never be left to work your business yourself unless you want to.

The Joyful Jordan Box for March

April hostess wanted. I have a party the first week in April and I’m swapping a Tupperware party with Hilda Espinoza the next week. But after that, my calendar 🗓 is open.

Want to join for free? Former soldiers and their spouses can join Jordan Essentials for free. The kit for the vets and spouses consists of a thank you lotion bar. It smell awesome and it’s free.

Who likes essential oils? Check out my sale!!


$40 join

In February the cost to join the company was $40. This was due to Jordan Essentials birthday month. It was a roaring success. My daughter even joined.

The month is March. With the Coronavirus the month ha ROARED like a lion and we don’t know when it will get better.

So, we are stuck at home with nothing to do. Wrong! It’s another $40 join special. Make money and work while you stay home. Create virtual parties participating in virtual vendor events. There are plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored.


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